An exhibition about Création Baumann

Création Baumann, one of the oldest textile businesses in Switzerland, is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2011. Publication of the “In the weave” book is now followed by the “Weberherzen” exhibition, recapitulating the milestones of this long and impressive history and offering a glance into the company’s own archive of materials for the very first time.

Jörg Baumann, who led the company until the year 2000, has once again taken advantage of his treasury of experience to act as the driving force for the project, and set out the parameters for the exhibition in his role as “the non-retired pensioner”. The path through the exhibition follows the stages he laid out in the “In the weave” publication. Nevertheless, the curators have certainly not relied upon archive material alone; Jörg Baumann described the process as an attempt at “a creative tackling of the past, the present and the future”.

The archive for most companies is usually kept on the lower floors, and the same is true in Langenthal, where “Weberherzen” has been set up as a permanent exhibition with an unlimited duration in the basement. Benjamin Thut, who is responsible for the architecture of the exhibition, has designed it as a conscious contrast to the showroom. Solid pillars have been transformed into labelled billboards. Around these are six display cabinets, each dedicated to an individual aspect: from family background via the establishment of the brand to printing techniques and the latest innovation, adhesive textiles. As a special attraction, the designer has also created the surrounding wall panels in the form of magnetic sheets. For example, the wall facing visitors as they first enter the exhibition features almost 600 samples, taking us through a review of the past 60 years of Création Bau¬mann, “just like in a studio, where designers would stick their favourite designs on the wall for in¬spi¬ration” (Benjamin Thut). Curator Barbara Pulli, a freelance scenographer provided the “outsider’s view”. The fact that the presentation is as varied as it is visually powerful is thanks to her scenic sense – and to the “pivotal touchable qualities” of textiles. For example, certain selected samples are used to provide a tactile experience of various materials.

This permanent exhibition, which will be opened by Création Baumann in Langenthal on 14th May 2011, illustrates the development, productivity and creativity of a traditional textile manufacturer that has nevertheless succeeded in staying young. However, it is by no means just a documentation of 125 years of company history. The history of design through the past 60 years also represents a particular focus, which means that the attraction is not restricted to textile fans. Additional information can be called up on iPads, though this must be regarded as a “work in progress” to be expanded continuously as time goes on. The exhibition therefore also offers the youngest of generations (including school classes) a vivid, multi-faceted view of the material from which design and creativity is eventually woven together.

Opening hours from 16th May 2011
Monday – Friday 9am – 12am and 1pm – 5pm