In the field of environmental sustainability, three themes play a central role: product longevity, climate compatibility and cyclable products and materials.




Textile production is an energy- and resource-intensive process. The longer a product’s useful life, the more efficiently these resources were used and the lower the environmental impact.

Création Baumann is committed to further increasing the durability of its products and defining a longevity concept. In order to achieve this, we carry out systematic analyses of when and why products are disposed of.

Important are the following focal points: Timeless design, Materials and processing as well as Use and care


Konzepthalle6 Thun, Switzerland, 2009 until today: high-quality materials in timeless design




Textile production needs energy and releases greenhouse gases. With targeted measures, we are actively combating climate change.

Création Baumann is acutely aware that the textile industry is an energy-intensive sector. This is why we are committed to making lasting improvements to the climate compatibility of our actions.
To minimise the impact on the climate and to mitigate the negative consequences of climate change, we are investing in targeted solutions and measures that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Important are the following focal points: Reducing CO2, promoting renewable energy, Cooling water recovery, Greener production processes,Building shell and infrastructure, Climate-friendly procurement and Recording greenhouse gases







Création Baumann shares the vision of a circular economy. Products and materials that are not released for sale are increasingly used as raw materials for new products.

Création Baumann has the aim to promote the reuse, reprocessing and recycling of materials. This can involve, for instance, the substitution of non-reusable materials and the development of waste disposal systems for our customers. The adaptation of product design to improve recyclability is also part of our objective.

Important are the following focal points: Recycling product waste, Using unsold products and Improving cyclability


With Umbria eco, we have a product in our range since 2021 with which we are further improving recyclability: The textile in proven Umbria quality consists of 100% recycled polyester of the fiber "Trevira CS eco". Like the classic Umbria, Umbria eco also impresses with its timeless look and its versatility - from curtains to upholstery fabrics to acoustic fabrics. Umbria eco is manufactured using the pre-consumer process, whereby previously unused recyclable materials are processed into new products during the production of polyester yarns or fabrics. This makes it possible to reduce waste generated during production from the company's own cycle, and no additional and non-recycled raw materials are added.


For the major sales markets of Switzerland and Germany, Création Baumann pledges to accept the return of all sold products at the end of their useful life and to integrate them into a new cycle or dispose of them properly. To ensure that customers and users are aware of this service, all products supplied are labelled with a return symbol.