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New colours, new space

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With spring a host of new colours have entered the stage. Unique nuances give individuality room to grow and offer themselves as a canvas to develop and bring your very own taste to life, inspired by haute couture.

A fresh breeze

On and off the catwalks of fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London or New York, one trend stands out: pastels in subtle nuances.
Spring and pastels is no new combination for fashion fans. The season of awakening and romance presents itself for light, delicate and, above all, bright shades of colour. Spring blossoms on trees and in meadows show how it’s done - it’s also high season for sheer pastel fabrics in the world of fashion.

This year in particular, the tendency is for an all-over presence. With their confident aesthetics, the soft hues act as a lively breeze, calming the eye. They casually point to underlying topics such as energy, sophistication and serenity.

As gentle and tender as a petal, fleeting Almost Mauve lends the colour palette a touch of nostalgia.

Almost Mauve

Very tender, flowy fabrics bring out the best in the slightly grey Almost Mauve hue. The gentle nuance casually remains in the background so the fabric can be combined in numerous ways. With its cool, playful elegance, the shade enables a delicately colourful, harmonious look.


Sheer curtain fabric with slightly irregular crêpe texture. With a soft feel and flowing drop, available in 27 colours.



The lightweight airy fabric lets daylight into the room, but is completely opaque. If necessary, it can be pushed together into a neat and space-saving bundle. Available in 24 colours.



Thick curtain fabric in half linen. An ingenious pre-wash creates the brushed soft feel and an airily casual crinkliness. Available in 31 colours.


Playful accents and brave statements

Red has been resurfacing in wardrobes for quite a while now - and is particularly attractive in the spontaneous, but cool Cherry Tomato hue. The shade has symbolic power and catches attention - it is innately effectful and doesn’t need any other ornamental appendages such as showy accessories.
The signal shade is one of the undisputed fashion and trend colours of the year and to be seen on nearly all the catwalks in Paris, London or New York.

Beautiful as a catwalk trend, Cherry Tomato may be a touch too powerful for everyday use. Individual highlights in red, however, will harmonise excellently with cream-white and black.

Spontaneous Cherry Tomato is a passionate orange-red, oozing heat and energy. Demanding attention, this brave unmissable hue has poignant vibrancy.

Cherry Tomato

Cherry tomatoes are a particularly small tomato variant, but they are all the more fruity and zesty! The colour has the same powerful effect, even if used delicately, making this eye-catcher excellently suited to create excitement in any room with seemingly random gestures.

Lord III

A hard-wearing fabric for curtains or furniture covers featuring a soft drop and a textured finish. Available in 49 colours.


Velling III

This attractive cotton velours captivates with its soft feel and pleasant textures alongside a stylish new colourfulness. Available in 60 nuances.


Dimmer III

Innovative fabric to darken interiors, satisfying the most exacting demands in aesthetics and functionality. The look, feel and flowing drape qualities of this complex product are unique. Available in 66 colours.



The look of the jacquard fabric with a new interpretation of the timeless motif is as classic as it is modern. The high quality satin weave which can be used on both sides generates an interplay of matt and shine. Available in 66 colours.


Fasion inspiration in this publication

Beatrice Gutu
Paris, Frankreich
Instagram: @beatrice.gutu

Instagram: @kaity_modern

Aimee Song
Instagram: @songofstyle
Foto: @jaylim1

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