Social Distancing with Design

Interior design faces new challenges from having to follow social distancing rules. Création Baumann’s textile solutions open up creative options for offices, the hotel and catering trade as well as schools and nurseries.

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Textile room division in office spaces

Our solution created for GGEW AG, an energy services provider, shows that working safely and collectively can happen in the same space. Semi-sheer curtains structure the rooms, creating diversified zones while improving the rooms’ acoustics by absorbing sound. The result? An innovative ambience with a lot of space for concentration and communication.

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Textile room division in the hotel

Sticks’n‘Sushi lets you experience that even divided rooms can appear open and inviting. Playing with light and furniture, Création Baumann’s curtains and room dividers characterise the appearance of this internationally successful chain of restaurants. Our textiles create oases of calm for guests to enjoy the fusion of Asian cuisine and Nordic design in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Textile room division in schools

How can you implement social distancing in schools, nurseries and other spaces with a high footfall? The Rosemary Works School in East London has an idea worth replicating. Colourful curtains make it possible to transform the layout of multi-functional open spaces in next to no time, creating zones that adapt with agility to their specific use and the number of children and teachers present.

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