Reverso Typ A

The REVERSO room system is a complete solution comprising both the hanging panel and its associated technology. These panels can be configured in a modular structure and installed to a precisely tailored design. They are installed under tension with the help of aluminium tracks and wire cables.
A clamping system is used to facilitate applications that can span the distance between the floor and ceiling.

REVERSO TYP A: Application that can span the distance between the floor and ceiling


COLOURS Standard white RAL 9016
Standard anodized aluminium
Other colours upon inquiry
SIZE Width measure specific
Height max. 350 cm
The following widths are available:
71.5 cm
77.0 cm
82.5 cm
88.0 cm
93.5 cm
99.0 cm
104.5 cm
110.0 cm
115.5 cm
121.0 cm
126.5 cm
132.0 cm    

These dimensions relate to the stretched/tensioned application.

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