40 years of "Sinfonia"

Création Baumann is celebrating the ruby anniversary of the bestseller with a new colour palette and a new development

In 1978 a new textile generation entered the market: The transparent uni fabric “Sinfonia” looked like cotton but was however manufactured in easy care polyester yarn. The bestselling fabric from Création Baumann, the Swiss textile manufacturer from Langenthal, has been continuously developed ever since. In 2019 the range will be enlarged with a new colour palette that is based on a colour systematic. In addition “Sinfoniacoustic”, a fabric with exceptional sound absorption will be launched.

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The staple item has been refined and enhanced for decades. The 6th edition of the textile is available in 64 colour tones. The focus of the new palette is white in all the different hues, added to which come colour tones from the entire chromatic circle.

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The new acoustic curtain absorbs the sound and achieves an aw-value of 0.6 making it around six times more effective than “Sinfonia”. The facing side and the back of the fabric have different constructions, with an integrated foil ribbon which ensures acoustic functionality. It is available in 12 colours. A real classic which delivers added value. n.

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