A highly efficient sound absorber

Megacoustic for functionality and aesthetics

Création Baumann has succeeded indeveloping a new fabric, Megacoustic, which adds a technically highly effective and aesthetically pleasing product to the versatile range of transparent acoustic fabrics.

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Megacoustic is the culmination of one and a half year’s product exploration, research and optimisation. The result is a relief like product with outstanding sound absorption, particularly in mid-range Hertz sector which relates to the human speech.

The flame-retardant, sheer textile absorbs sound through being three-dimensional, achieved by working on diverse yarns. The subtle rib texture, which plays with depth effect is amongst other factors responsible for the exceptionally good sound absorption values of αw 0.7.


The transparent curtain captivates with pure aesthetics. It is suitable for anywhere where along with interior acoustics, the provision of natural light is in focus. The combination of matt and shine results in an enticing interplay at the window. Megacoustic is available in a width of 300 cm and in nine shades of a timeless and neutral colour palette.

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