A poetic display of nature

TERRANOVA - the new collection from the Living Line

Stony river courses, parched earth and vivid greens: the “Terranova” Living Line by Création Baumann pays homage to wild and untamed nature, and its most beautiful settings.

The curtain and upholstery fabrics from “Terranova” display embroideries, which recall the wave-like rings created by a drop of water, abstract, organic and crystalline textures and poetic silhouette designs with charming motifs from nature. The design team from Création Baumann took its inspiration from it and transposed it with exquisite sewing techniques, jacquard weaves with three dimensional effects, and subtle, harmonised colour accents. Blue grey pastel shades, soft earthy tones, fresh yellowy greens and bright coral orange set the scene in the “Terranova” spectacle of nature. Each of the eleven designs interprets the theme of wild and untouched landscapes in a different way and gives rise to new colour combinations.

Irregular dots lie like pebble stones in a river bed on the vivid jacquard of “Pebble”. “Merle“ depicts a contemporary interpretation of a dreamy silhouette design in which a small blackbird takes centre stage. The sophisticated matt-shine effect adds depth to the elegant decoration fabric. “Estella” features an abstract crystalline pattern. In the collection’s exclusive shade of orange, the curtain looks like a section of a shimmering coral reef. All three jacquard fabrics are in cotton and polyester and are available in ten colours. The fabrics can be used on both sides and combine well with each other.

“Brick” is a jacquard of a different kind. Like cracks in parched earth, oversized and organic lines stand out from the heavy upholstery fabric, which is available in five colours. In contrast to which the embroidered pattern on the polyester fabric with a soft sheen “Devon” is reminiscent of a drop impacting on the surface of the water.

“Taki“ is run through by a large number of leaf veins. Embroidered and sewn lines generate a handcrafted zigzag pattern that resembles an enlarged cell structure of a leaf. The extravagant cotton satin is available in four colours. Delicate blooms hem “Aurelia”, the half linen textile. The seemingly hand drawn, floral sketches are applied to the decoration fabric using a high quality etch print, which generates a subtle luminosity. “Aurelia“ is available in three colour settings.

The entire “Terranova” collection will be available from specialist outlets from the autumn of 2012. From the 1st September 2012, the individual spectacles of nature from the new Living Line can be viewed in a specially staged exhibition at Création Baumann’s showroom in Langenthal.

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