A virtuoso display of patterns - the new wool collection

From checks to herringbone – the new upholstery fabrics

Diversity is the key to the new collection from Création Baumann. The Swiss textile specialist presents a contemporary inspired palette of high quality upholstery fabrics that avails itself of nature’s remarkable colour spectrum and range of shades. Soft powder tones and shades in stone and earthy to masculine variations dominate the wool collection. The resulting designs are a natural progression to the wool classic “Cavallo Piu” quality, opening up new and alternative combinations to the extensive uni palette.

The wool collection encompasses five textiles; four classic woven designs and one multicoloured print fabric. The woven range consists of “Cavallo Karo”, a contemporary, harmonious multi coloured check pattern in different coloured yarns, “Cavallo Giorgio” a traditional herringbone pattern, “Cavallo Linea” which features fine pin stripes and “Cavallo Coco” with contemporary variations of the houndstooth pattern. The look of lavish, woven designs is refined and multi faceted; with each design available in several colour settings. Combination of individual patterns and colours allows for the creation of diverse themes. Whilst powder tones in a contemporary Scandinavian style create soft and harmonious colour settings, stronger, more masculine tones generate more drama and contrast. The blend of patterns can be perfectly brightened up and refreshed with individual accents in uni colours.

The collection is primarily for applications as upholstery fabrics, but can also be used in the decorative sector and for curtaining. It is equally at home in contemporary as in classic interiors and offers a varied, elegant selection of heavy fabrics with a pleasing soft feel and a good acoustic effect. The composition consists of 80% wool and 20% polyamide in a fabric width of 155 cm.

Two elegant proportioned cushions with different coloured piping complement the collection. The cushion “Cavallo Karo” features a check pattern on a lime coloured backdrop on the front and colour harmonised herringbone on the back; it is also available in an anthracite coloured option. Dimensions: 42 x 70 cm. The cushion "Cavallo Coco" captivates with a lime coloured houndstooth pattern on the front and fine pin stripes on the back. A variant in warm orange and fresh blue is also available. Dimensions: 40 x 50 cm.

The fifth design of the collection is a particular highlight. “Cavallo Erba”. The wool fabric with the oversized flower design was inspired by modern folklore. The pattern is applied layer by layer using special pigment etch printing. “Cavallo Erba” depicts dreamy floral creepers, whose colouring results from overlapping individual elements. The base, for instance, consists of a light grey with a floral grid in white and blue which is overlapped with several layers of floral blooms in mustard and lilac. Individual motifs and colouring culminate in new and stunning interplays of shapes and colours. “Cavallo Erba” is available in a total of four colour combinations. The fabric’s primary application is as a curtain fabric and complements the graphic motifs of the wool collection with a dreamy, playful element.

The wool collection enchants not just with its colour and diversity in design, but also with the versatility for applications. Available from specialist outlets in autumn 2014.