A wonderful symbiosis of fabric and light

"eLumino”, an exclusive textile product with embroidered LED elements that shine, glow or shimmer depending upon the desired look and which can even be dimmed.

When the two most sensuous furnishing elements, fabric and light, are fused together the result is an exquisite work of art, a symbiosis of a soft fluid weave and atmospheric lighting. An ingenious light emitting curtain fabric which can be cut to size and processed into curtaining that is so much more than mere window dressing. The demanding project was realised by Création Baumann, the Swiss textile company which is renowned for innovative design.

"eLumino“ can be used for stylish staging, in a sea of light or as an individual panel in combination with the harmonised uni fabrics “Aves“ and “Sema“. The extraordinary and innovative light emitting textiles conjure a wealth of ambiance and sensuality into an apartment. The dimmable light displays and the flowing fluid fabric generate textile light sculptures. Depending on requirements, the ambiance is soft elegance, modern romanticism or infused with a sense of drama complementing the architecture, room and furnishing in a highly individual way.

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eLumino AVES

eLumino SEMA
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