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The new transparent acoustic fabrics from Création Baumann

With in excess of 70 items in over 1,700 colour settings, Création Baumann offers the world’s largest selection of sound absorbing decoration and upholstery fabrics which can be used for curtaining, roller and vertical blinds or for acoustic panels. Each individual fabric is subjected to special test procedures to measure its acoustic properties; with established results being made available to acoustic specialists, architects and interior designers. It is not just concert halls, such as the Sibelius Hall in Lahti, the Musiktheater in Gelsenkirchen or the Brucknerhaus in Linz that take advantage of the fabrics from the Langenthal based textile manufacturer to improve acoustics; a large number of libraries and enterprises, such as the municipal library in Zurich or the NHN Green Factory in Seoul, see the acoustic collection as a means to improve sound quality and style.

It is long since the collection encompassed only heavy and dense weaves, previously associated with opera houses, cinemas and conference rooms. The easy care, washable and predominantly flame retardant textiles include softly draping blackouts, digital print designs and new two transparent textiles whose functional impact is hard to believe.

“Alphacoustic” displays a soft, elegant sheen and is available in 16 colours, which include four loud tones and a shade of gold. The transparent, translucent weave with a subtle rib texture in a width of 300 cm is light and fluid and generates a welcoming ambiance, irrespective of whether it is used at home or in public areas. “Betacoustic” displays a filigree line grid. The intriguing interplay of the black warp and the coloured weft lend the 300 cm wide weave which is available in eight colours vividness and depth. Both textiles are in Trevira CS and are washable and flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4102-B1.
Thanks to superb interaction of weight, porosity and weave technique coupled with the use of a specially developed foil yarn, the transparent acoustic fabrics achieve sound absorption coefficients of αw 0,6 - 0,65 and are therefore true sound absorbers. With their light and airy guise “Alphacoustic” and “Betacoustic” enhance the acoustics of an interior, without introducing an element of textile heaviness.

More information about the acoustic collection by Création Baumann is available from the internet here.
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