„SILENT GARDEN“ – the new collection from the ‘Living Line’ by Création Baumann

The garden is a place that is steeped in myths and symbolism. Since time immemorial it has been a popular motif in art and literature, symbolising a place for retreat and solitude, yearning and mystery. “Silent Garden”, the new ‘Living Line’ collection from Création Baumann recalls the fresh vivid greens of spring, magnificent blooms and the beguiling fragrances of an enchanted garden, reclaiming an oasis of nature in our otherwise bereft urban life. The collection encompasses eleven designs; it is enchanting and romantic and has an authentic, sensuous feel.

At the heart of the collection are two floral designs: “Giverny” and “Semiramis”. Inspired by the artistry of gardens, “Giverny” draws a colourful tableau of flowering blooms in front of the window. On the light and dark fond of the semi transparent fabric the flowers look as if they had been painted by hand. The small metal component furnishes the panel with extra grip, accompanied with a delicate knitter effect and elegant shimmer. “Semiramis” resembles a delicate sea of blooms. This sheer curtain fabric evokes the image of an enchanted garden, where blooms and climbers grow wild and intertwine. “Semiramis” is available in three different colour options.

Like drops of dew, small circular discs settle on the tulle of “Nobile”. Embroidered and punched out motifs alternate, fastened only at the centre on the back of the discs, they look as if they were floating across the fabric. This gives them free reign to dance with the wind, giving the panel with the decorative seam finish movement and life. “Dentelle”, the oversized lace, is reminiscent of a net with large and small flower motifs. The burn-out is especially attractive as a curtain or decoration fabric when used in combination with other designs.

The uni fabrics bear the hallmark of the same delightfully sensuous approach. Alongside semi transparent jacquards and double weaves with a three dimensional look, Création Baumann introduces “Callas”, a light, soft flowing cotton satin with a quiet lustre on the surface. The elegant uni is available in 25 colours. “Callas Circo” and “Callas Flor” with their respective circle and floral motifs feature a high quality pearl lustre finish creating refined, metallic shimmering effects. When used in combination, the graphic circles and the blossoming foliage of “Callas Flor” generate an enthralling contrast. All three “Callas” designs were awarded the swiss+cotton quality mark and carry an Oeko-Tex 100 certificate.

Looking through the entire collection resembles a colourful meander through a garden that is springing to life. The colour spectrum ranges from vivid green and yellow tones, to earthy colours and to an elegant night blue. The curtain and decoration fabrics include airy and light as well as dense and texture fabrics in equal measure. All eleven designs have one thing in common: They give rise to a blossoming out of their surroundings.

The new Living Line collection is available from autumn of 2011 from specialist outlets. From 1st September 2011 to 30th November 2011, the fabrics from “Silent Garden” can be viewed in an especially staged exhibition in Création Baumann’s showroom in Langenthal.

Brochure Silent Garden
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