GECKO conjures up colourful children’s worlds at the window

Flying saucers and alien planets transform school windows into unknown galaxies. Whales and octopuses surface on bathroom mirrors at the nursery and excavators and fork lift trucks are waiting to spring into action at home. GECKO, the unique adhesive textile from Création Baumann is now also available as GECKO IN THE BOX KIDS.
Older children can use pre-cut shapes from ZOO or FIORI to conjure playful zoo animals and flowering meadows onto the window, letting their fantasy free reign. Whilst CREATIVO is available for creative individuals who prefer the do it yourself option. It contains a large number of individual shapes that can be cut out. The child orientated and timeless motives of all seven themes can be fixed and reaffixed to window glass over and over again and removed at any time without leaving any residue - all without the use of any adhesives or loss of the textile’s adhesive properties. GECKO the recipient of numerous design awards adheres, just as its namesake from the animal kingdom, through adhesive power.

Several years of research and development work by Creation Baumann culminated in a UV resistant self adhering textile which can be used to provide privacy and glare protection or as a decorative element just as desired. GECKO lets children discover their creativity in a playful way and also provides beautiful outlooks for adults. The seven new themes of GECKO IN THE BOX KIDS were developed in cooperation with Trix Barmettler, the graphic designer. They are available in a high quality presentation box from the autumn of 2010.
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