Innovation Center

Innovation Center


CIC Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan


CIC + Tetsuo Kobori Architects, Tokyo, Japan

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Takahiro Arai / ©️CIC & Tetsuo Kobori Architect

Starting Point

The Cambridge Innovation Centre (CIC), which operates innovation centres in eight cities around the world, is establishing its first Asian location in Tokyo. This provides a range of start-ups with workspace, a community and services for business growth and global expansion.
The idea was to eliminate the industrial character of the premises as much as possible with the interior design and to create a creative working atmosphere.


As a place for start-ups, the architects have taken inspiration from a natural system of CELLS and created a space in which the cells are organically interconnected. The individual cells are so-called private rooms, whereby they all differ in shape and size. Fabrics hanging from the ceilings serve as a connecting feature and also have a sound-absorbing effect.
The cells are connected by corridors, which are enriched with so-called ROJI CORNER, all of which can be used in different ways: as work areas, meeting and discussion zones or as places to relax. Curtains support the variable use of these corners.