Poesy and Technology

Poetically extravagant, very British or sophisticated enchantment; the 2010 collection from Création Baumann, the Langenthal based textile enterprise from Switzerland, offers high quality, creative and functional solutions for any living environment. From graphic inspired print designs, understated elegant natural materials to 3D looks in paper like fleece fabric – the Création Baumann’s design team succeeds in catching and implementing trends with the aid of innovative materials and technologies.

A classic is timeless – not least due to the strength of its quality. Yet in the interest of lengthening a life span, even a classic can be re-worked. Such as Sinfonia CS, a flame retardant textile in Trevira CS which has numbered amongst the most popular curtain fabrics for the last thirty years or so. Thanks to a new, environmentally sustainable dye method, the experts from Langenthal succeeded in giving the classic an even softer feel that lends it wonderfully flowing drape properties. This advance was possible by the acquisition of the latest generation of dye plant, that uses significantly less energy and water than traditional machines. An investment that bears witness to the importance Création Baumann places on sustainability in addition to aesthetics and functionality. Sinfonia’s large colour palette was enhanced with natural elegant broken tones and contemporary accent colours. Furthermore one of the architecture inspired series, which features graphic and organic print designs, can be combined with the unis for many and varied applications.

Enchanting without being absurd, colourful without any kitsch – simply right and appropriate for children: “Maxi”, “Mini” and “Multi” gladdens the heart of children and parents alike. The colourful dots and stripes, which look as if they had been drawn by child’s hand, instantly generate a happy ambiance: as do “Fred” and “Frida”, the beautiful panels with animals and “Farm” with artistic illustrations that tell stories. With “Party”, a black out fabric, it is always party time – at least in the realm of dreams! Because the transfer printed textile, with colourful pennants, gently seduces children into a delightful party mood. All fabrics can be combined with each other; they are flame retardant and are therefore also ideal for day-care centres, schools or hospitals.

Without a doubt, the Royals would be very proud of “Sir”, “Earl”, “Prince” and “Queen”. For the British infused decor fabric in aristocratic materials, the Création Baumann design team took its inspiration from contemporary men’s fashion. Classic suit patterns, such as herringbone and houndstooth and cord fabrics are entering the world of furnishing in a fresh interpretation. As in fashion, the secret ingredient is an abundant portion of elegance and a good pinch of casual flair. The collection is available in natural hues and tones of sand as well as in the colours of contemporary trends. Owing to their flame retardant properties, the curtain and upholstery fabrics are suitable not just for private residences, but also for the furnishing in hotels, for example.

Anyone who is looking for more than a curtain, has a choice between four highly unusual and poetic works of art with a white paper like fleece texture. The designs are dedicated to three dimensionality and laser cutting. They subtly flirt with light and shade. The elaborately finished crystalline texture of “Elements" is reminiscent of a honeycomb grid, whilst “Energy" brings associations with Origami. “Expanda”, the extravagant star of the series, with its hole riddled expanse awakens images of shopping nets from former times.

“Dimmer” the black out fabric has been supplemented with a new design. The graphic pattern of “Spot” conjures a tromp l’oeil effect with light reflexes on the fabric. The Freetime series was also strengthened with two new check prints. Owing to their water repellent surface, it is suitable for exterior as well as interior furnishing applications, such as the kitchen for example. An absolute novelty is “Solid”, an extremely hard wearing and flame retardant textile that the experts from Création Baumann developed both for the furnishing of private and public buildings and which captivates with its natural quality.

The collection is available from the retail trade from January 2010.
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