Keeping a cool head

Keeping a cool head

Glare protection in the auditorium


Campus WU, Executive Academy, Vienna, Austria


NO.MAD Arquitectos, Madrid, Spain

Used products



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Croce & WIR Fotostudio, Graz / Erwin Rachbauer, Linz

Starting point

The Executive Academy on the western entrance to the facilities is considered the campus’ front building. It is a compact 7-storey tower, following the mono-material design principle. The outer facade is built from glass and aluminium with an appearance that graduates from opaque to transparently translucent. From the upper storeys you have a spectacular view over Vienna’s city centre and the nearby Prater amusement park. The windows seem to be arranged in random order, but actually follow a specific algorithm.


The aluminium-metallised “Protect” curtain fabric with its cool look was used here from floor to ceiling. It acts as a calm counterpart to the dynamically arranged windows without hiding them, while offering optimum glare protection. In the auditorium, the curtains form a second level, creating a special interplay of light and shadow.