Curtains from an enchanted world

FANTASIA and FAVOLA, two fabrics introduce an air of playful charm into interiors.

Yellow-green climbers, blooms of rosettes in pastel colours and bright orange buds: “Fantasia”, the curtain fabric from the Spring Collection 2015 by Création Baumann conjures up a world of enchantment with an unusual floral design. The dense fabric with the oversized floral pattern comes in two options: on a white and an anthracite coloured backdrop. On white, the print injects an ambiance that awakens memories of fresh mornings, whilst a dark backdrop accentuates the brightness of the textile’s colour accents. The pattern has a strong luminous quality; it is arranged as a central border in the middle of the width. Despite exuding an air of joy, the plain coloured sections convey a sense of calm.

The same lively and playful design is taken up by “Favola”, the transparent curtain fabric in Trevira CS. Here abstract climbers and blooms flourish in the lower section as a border arrangement whilst a few single leaves appear to float upwards. This fabric too is available on a white and on an anthracite coloured base.