Designart Tokyo 2019

Miki Sato at Création Baumann Tokyo showroom

On the occasion of Designart Tokyo from 18. – 27.10 Miki Sato presents two designs in the showroom of Création Baumann.

Création Baumann Showroom Tokyo is characterized by its narrow shape. Taking advantage of the space, the layout was designed to change its appearance as the visitor walks down. The display also highlights the high-quality fabrics of Création Baumann, a Switzerland-based textile manufacturer with the concept of breaking away from the set idea of curtains “placed by the windows.” For an eye-catching entrance, a decorative curtain made of soft and colorful handwoven laces is displayed. Utilizing the oval rail around the meeting table in the center, a partition sways softly like an airy gathered skirt. Both curtains leave room for the line of sight to look deeper into the space, to feel the unconstrained depth of the unique, elongated space.

18.10 - 27.10.2019

Miki Sato
She studied fabric design related to architecture such as curtains under Dutch designer Petra Blaisse and is currently in charge of designing carpets and lampshades in addition to curtains at Kengo Kuma and Associates. Also, have started as an independent designer since 2016.