Textile Teamwork

Textile Teamwork

Translucent surfaces that filter the natural light and subtly bring the outside world through a hole pattern into the interior.


Dr. Friedel + Helmut Bader Orthodontic Practice, Augsburg, Germany


ARCHITEKTON, Anke Meier-Liebrandt, Innenarchitektin BDIA, Munich / Heindl Inneneinrichtung, Josef Heindl GmbH, Hohenschäftlarn

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Thomas Benz, Germering

Starting point

Renovating the practice rooms, whereby redesigning the window surfaces was the focus. The waiting area and small patient rooms face the street and are arranged with classically proportioned windows. The large treatment rooms face the courtyard with French doors and fully glazed surfaces with low balustrades and doors to the balcony.


The selected systems and the material of the new window hangings are suitable for designing large areas as well as windows divided into small sections. Panel curtain systems and linear chain tension roller blinds were installed.
A technical fabric with a non-woven structure that is suitable for both systems provides translucent surfaces. They subtly filter the natural light and bring in the outside world through the holes (laser cut) in the leaf structure like the sun through the treetops.