Open-plan office with an atmosphere

Open-plan office with an atmosphere

Textile solutions provide a feel-good atmosphere and optimum room acoustics in an open-plan office


EY (Ernst & Young), Bern, Switzerland


Achitekten Itten+Brechbühl AG, Bern / daskonzept ag, Thun

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Philipp Zinniker, Bern

Starting point

The individual departments are grouped in a snake-like row and open and closed workstations are available as a modular element. These partially glazed sanctuaries serve as so-called think tanks where employees can retreat for focused work, meetings or individual discussions. At the same time, the wishes of the client were also taken into account by providing individual offices for senior managers.


Alphacoustic provides the perfect acoustics and an individual privacy shield: the sound-absorbing curtain helps to counteract the reverberant glass surfaces and, at the same time, also gives the room users the opportunity to be able to retreat from sight.

In addition, fabric spans across one wall of the office; this has a positive effect on the room acoustics, creating a surface that you can play around with and making colourful statements at the same time.

Two acoustically effective curtain fabrics are used as room partitions and privacy shields so as to provide optimum room acoustics and sanctuaries in the open-design workstations of the open-plan office as well.  Employees can therefore choose between the transparent “Alphacoustic” fabric and the opaque “Tony”. Some of the transparent fabrics have been specially printed with large sport motifs to convey the dynamics of the company.