Floral opulence at the window

Création Baumann presents “Artemisia”, the elegant curtain fabric from the “Silk & Spices” Collection

As opulent as a barock painting: The curtain fabric “Artemisia” is an extravaganza created by Création Baumann from Langenthal in Switzerland. The technically demanding manufacture of the fabric demonstrates afresh the competence of the Swiss design team: The textile technical know-how, exceptional creativity and assured intuition for trends allow for unusual solution such as these. Using an elaborate technique a striking picture of abstracted blooms is printed onto the warp prior to weaving and into which subsequently a floral jacquard design is woven. The printed warp and interwoven design generate a fascinating relationship. A spell binding, abstracted interplay ensues that changes with the light and viewing angle. The fabric which can be used on both sides is available in a dark, a silver and a light coloured option.

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