Functional textiles with glare and heat protection

Création Baumann launches the GLARE&HEAT Collection

A world without glass as a construction element is inconceivable for contemporary architecture.
Optimising energy efficiency is one of the biggest challenges today. Particularly for new office concepts, such as open plan offices, it is a matter of using and controlling day light to best possible advantage and protecting interiors against over-heating.

The new GLARE&HEAT Collection which encompasses 140 fabrics, the Swiss, Langenthal based  textile specialist is seen as the comprehensive problem solver for optimal sun, glare and privacy  protection. The specially tested, metallised textiles generate ideal light and energy transmission.
Simultaneously the highly functional fabrics reduce heat ingress; contributing and boosting the ambience and comfort in a room.

A highlight of the collection is “Metal Dimout”. The dim-out fabric is available in four colours and has a metallised reverse, which ensures that the fabric reflects sun light and thus prevents a build of heat between curtain and glass, for instance in hotel or multimedia interiors. New are also “Glade” and “Zoom”. The metallised multi faceted virtuosos provide simultaneously privacy, glare, heat and UV-protection at the window.

Karat” the sheer curtain fabric flirts with the metallised aesthetic. The cut-out like motif is engraved into the metallised side of the fabric with a surface laser. The aesthetics of the fascinating effect of matt and sheen in conjunction with the subtle interplay of light make this fabric an eye-catcher.

The colours of the fabrics "Shadow" and "Shade Medium" / "Shade Medium" have been updated. The two classics, which can be used for curtaining and for roller blinds, are eminently suitable for open plan interiors. The two textiles are supplemented with “Shine”, which blends textile charm with functionality. Equally new is “Alu Net”. It offers maximum transparency with a high degree of glare protection. The knit fabric in metallic colours, such as gold, silver and copper with a mesh like look features an aluminium metallised reverse.

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