New laser designs for self adhering textile

Création Baumann presents an addition to the GECKO-Line

A success story: It is only two years ago since GECKO, the self adhering textile was launched. In that time, the product from Création Baumann has been conquering the world of architecture. The innovative product has won the textile enterprise from Langenthal numerous prizes and awards - for its applied exploratory spirit, outstanding aesthetics and functionality.

The potential of the textile is enormous – and has only just been touched. GECKO offers privacy and glare protection, as well as a means for styling interiors; especially for applications where architectural or other reasons preclude the use of curtains or roller blinds. The product corresponds well with our times, with large expanses of glass and a demand for flexible style options. René Hofmann, the product manager, confirms that the collection is establishing itself in the market. To expand its range still further, the Langenthal based textile enterprise has committed itself to significant investments; the latest generation of laser plant opens up ever more complex shapes to the design team.

The existing product line has been enhanced with three further designs. All captivate with interludes of light and sheerness. GECKO LASER CENTRO is based on circles, GECKO LASER LINEA, with its broken lines, is reminiscent of a pattern chart and GECKO LASER QUADRO is characterised by a diamond pattern. The foundation for the new items is the much loved GECKO CRYPTA, a flame retardant material with a fleece texture. The laser cut items are cut to order to exact dimensions. “The applied laser technology allows us to accommodate individual requests. We wish to be trailblazers and explore new applications with GECKO”, says René Hofmann. “Customer specific designs, such as captions or logos may well be options“.

With the progression of the self adhesive textile, which affords privacy, sun protection and options for styling interiors, Création Baumann affirms its drive for innovation and strengthens its position as a provider of solutions for architects and interior designers. The new collection is available from specialist outlets from the autumn onwards.

Info box:
Since 2007 Création Baumann has been offering a world wide unique product with GECKO. The product was the culmination of several years of research development work. A silicon coating enables the textile to be affixed directly to glass surfaces from where, if so desired, it can be removed without leaving a trace of residue behind. Moreover it can be used several times over without loss of adhesive properties due to the fact that bonding derives from adhesion power – just as its namesake from the animal kingdom. GECKO is available in different designs; it is UV resistant and easy to clean.

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