Interludes with shapes at the window

Delicate blooms or graphic rhomboids: With GECKO IN THE BOX from Création Baumann everybody can let their creativity free reign. An exclusive gift box introduces a set of ready cut, self adhering textile components into the house, which you can apply and experiment with to your heart‘s content. Enclosed is a small booklet which depicts several applications options and where you might find inspiration for designs. The two designs of FAVO and COLEO are available in different colours. When you feel like trying something new or wish to devise different designs: GECKO can repeatedly be removed again without leaving behind any residue or loss of adhesive power, because bonding derives from adhesive power just like its namesake from the animal kingdom.

Since 2007 Création Baumann has been offering a world wide unique product with GECKO. The product was the culmination of several years of research development work. A silicon coating enables the textile to be affixed directly to glass surfaces from where, if so desired, it can be removed without leaving a trace of residue behind. Moreover it can be used several times over without loss of adhesive properties due to the fact that bonding derives from adhesion power – just as its namesake from the animal kingdom. GECKO is available in different designs; it is UV resistant and easy to clean. The innovative product has won the textile enterprise from Langenthal numerous prizes and awards - for its applied exploratory spirit, outstanding aesthetics and functionality.

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