GECKO allows you to conjure up unexpected possibilities of functional design for a room's interior: our adhesive textile was developed in many years of research and is unique in the world. You can fit it to glass and other nonporous surfaces—and remove it just as quickly without any residue. GECKO has received the Swiss Textile Design Award, the interior innovation award cologne, the AIT innovation award, and the red dot design award. It is available in three basic versions as well as a host of patterns, colours, and designs.
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From strong to discreet: thanks to a wide choice of colours, you can use plain GECKO to leave an exciting impetus in rooms and buildings while shielding selected areas discreetly and elegantly from view.

Laser-cut motif GECKO

Unhindered play of light and transparency: the GECKO laser-cut version is made-to-order and made-to-measure. Création Baumann makes your wishes come true—whether in the shape of basic or customised models.

Print motif GECKO

Design without limitations: with GECKO, the sky is the limit to your design options. Innovative print processes are capable of bringing to life photo-realistic motifs and artwork with attention to detail.

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OBJECT: Sparkling Droplets, Küssnacht, Switzerland
CONCEPT: Marty Architektur, Schwyz
PRODUCT: Gecko Crypta
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Creativity above all

OBJECT: Design College, Basel, Switzerland
CONCEPT: Hermann Baur, Hans Peter Baur, Franz Bräunig, and Arthur Dürig, Basel, Switzerland
PRODUCT: Gecko Crypta
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