For tranquillity in creative chaos

For tranquillity in creative chaos

Fully adapted to the students’ needs. Bringing a curtain of tranquillity into the studios.


HSLU, Lucerne, Switzerland


Scheuber AG Raumgestaltung, Ennetbürgen, Switzerland

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Raisa Durandi

Starting Point

The Lucerne School of Art and Design moved into a newly constructed building, housing all study disciplines under one roof for the first time. At the heart of the new five-storey building are the design studios. The ceilings of the light-filled work spaces are as high as in a factory building and the transitions between buildings and rooms are seamless.


Students work in so-called studio cabins. The rooms are divided by wooden shelves and thanks to Acoustic Divider Vario, Création Baumann’s room divider system, the passageways can be partitioned off as needed. Curtain Track Mezz, movable by hand.