A book describing 125 years of Création Baumann and the world of decorative fabrics

“In the weave” is a book presented by Création Baumann to celebrate its 125th anniversary. It is an impressive reflection of 125 years in the world of textile design, and the permanent balancing act it maintains between short-lived trends and visionary experiments. Timeless, yet of its time – this is not simply a documentation of the historical growth of an outstanding, ground-breaking business in the textiles sector; it also recapitulates the “hows” and the “whys” of developments and marketing successes.
This lavish, carefully-designed 144-page work was produced by Jörg Baumann, who led the family business until 2000, before transferring it on into the fourth generation. He spent three years researching the family archives in order to trace “the development of the taste and the colours” (as Baumann put it), and created a chronicle that “concentrates on the history of design development”, going beyond matters specific only to the company. Those who are already familiar with the subject matter will by no means be the only ones who find it worth reading.

Available from booksellers or the publisher under www.creavis-verlag.de

 “IN THE WEAVE. The World of Decorative Fabrics, Stories and Histories”
Published by Jörg Baumann, Creavis 2011;
ISBN 978-3-00-033494-8, 144 Pages, CHF 68.-, EUR49.-
Date of publication: 28th January 2011