Interior Innovation Award - Winner 2012

Roller blind Megatric Shadow III R – 300 got awarded!

The roller blind Megatric Shadow III R – 300 of the current Systems Collection got awarded with the label "Interior Innovation Award - Winner 2012"!

Megatric Shadow III R – 300 is an extra wide roller blind in a width of up to 290 cm and heights of up to 4 m for applications in large window frontages. Thanks to a new process technology, Création Baumann is the only textile manufacturer worldwide that offers the coated fabric “Shadow” in a width of 290 cm. The roller blind in anodised aluminium provide not just optimal privacy and glare protection, but, thanks to the aluminium vapour coating on the reverse, also efficient thermal protection to regulate the temperature in interiors. In a highly evolved process an ultra thin aluminium coating is deposited on the back of the fabric to reflect sun rays and reduce incoming light and thermal radiation. The attained recorded values of the functions cannot be achieved with conventional textiles. Corresponding recorded data are available as an additional service.

The roller blind will be displayed at the special exhibition „Interior Innovation Award 2012“ during the fair imm cologne 1212.

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