Luxurious lightness

Luxurious lightness


Irabu Island S Residence / i love 385, Irabuirabu, Japan


SAKAKURA ASSOCIATES, Takenosuke Sakakura+Shu kitayama+Liye, Tokyo, Japan

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Tololo studio, Hiroshi Tanigawa, Tokyo

Starting Point

The living space gives way to the infinity pool and is a transparent open room supported only by walls made from Ryukyu limestone. On the ocean front, the living area is partitioned off by a solid 30m glass window, providing an unobstructed view of the sea.


To protect from prying eyes, in particular around the back window, the client sought a privacy shield without losing the original feeling of openness.
Blinds help to recreate the lost privacy while retaining the architecture’s lightness. The semi-transparent fabric with a natural texture that was chosen for the blinds perfectly goes with the holiday home’s luxurious ambience.