Islands of Calm

Création Baumann is expanding its unique worldwide acoustic collection with “Acoustic Divider Vario”.

The growing popularity of large scale open-plan offices is linked with an upsurge in problems with associated background noise. According to doctors and scientists sound levels at many workstations give rise for concern. Research has shown that office noise can reduce staff performance levels by five or ten percent. Most disruptive were deemed to be colleagues’ conversations. A new product from Création Baumann, the fabric specialist, is here to help. Developed as a supplement to the existing acoustic collection, “Acoustic Divider Vario” with NoiseSilencer technology dampens sound. “We have been experimenting for over a year to arrive at a textile product which is equally effective in reducing decibels as it is in sound absorption”, explains Eliane Ernst, the product manager at Création Baumann. The sound drape functions as a room divider to create acoustic islands of calm where they are needed – for one to one discussions, extended meetings or undisturbed telephone calls. Use of several textile layers in combination with the NoiseSilencer, a molleton with special foil, achieves noise reductions of up to 16 decibels in the office. Individually made to measure from a broad selection of Création Baumann fabrics, the “Acoustic Divider Vario” system is offered with heavy duty weight bearing tracks and fittings.

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