Joy of Life - loud or soft just like life

Création Baumann presents the "JOY OF LIFE" collection 2021

The new home collection is as powerful as it is versatile, conveying optimism, joie de vivre and a subtle sensuality that is a response to our turbulent times. The high-contrast collection contains unique products and includes natural, delicate fabrics with a special feel as well as classic plain fabrics that stand in tension with expressive designs that use mirrored foils, sequins and embroidery to make noble statements in the room. The extensive color palette of the intricately crafted collection includes neutral, muted tones to expressive colors such as fir, lemon-green and coral.

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The new collection describes the joy of life with two worlds, a loud and a quiet world. In the loud world, the fabrics set playful accents and make statements in the room with their extraordinary look and powerful colors. A highlight of the collection is ELECTRA. The partially lasered hexagons create a sophisticated and electrifying play when in motion and combined with the mirror foil.

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In the quiet world, delicate patterns, flowing materials and restrained colors create sensual moments at the window. With their lightness, the fabrics blend discreetly into the room and yet remain playful in their restraint. A highlight is FLY, a modern burnout with random and freely distributed stylized leaves that make for an airy and poetic look.

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