Kids Collection

Kids Collection - What the dreams of children and their parents are made of

The aim of the Création Baumann design team was to develop child appropriate textiles that were neither overly sugary, nor overly elaborate in design. Brightly coloured dots, stripes and charming illustrations of animals are the result. The somewhat ageless quality of the light hearted designs ensures that one does not get tired of them quickly, so that they can be used over an extended time span to gladden the hearts of babies, children or youths. The key word is longevity. The trend for sustainability heightens the demand for products that endure. Aside from aesthetic and enduring qualities, the collection offers a host of other benefits. Individual designs harmonise to allow for mixing and matching within the series. The diverse palette of qualities encompasses light and sheer fabrics, densely woven items as well as a blackout in Dimmer quality. The plethora of options makes for problem free furnishing of children’s rooms. Furthermore, all textiles, curtains as well as fabric panels, are flame retardant and therefore ideal for day-care centres, play groups, hospitals or schools. A creative and uplifting collection, that captivates and does justice to the needs of children and adults alike.

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