The essence of things

The new “Essenza” collection from the ‘Living Line’ by Création Baumann

Heraklit, the Greek philosopher wrote, “The essence of things tends to stay hidden”. To understand what things are, is to search out their pure, absolute essence. Core values are at the heart of the new “Essenza” collection from the ‘Living Line’. Création Baumann, the textile enterprise from Langenthal in Switzerland celebrates with them the essence of fabrics. The high quality collection oozes sophistication. It is both simple and precious. The motto is one of elegant understatement. Filigree embroideries with metallic shine and luxurious mohair velour with a velvety smooth texture feature alongside airy diaphanous fabrics. The items range from sheer curtain fabrics to hard wearing décor and upholstery fabrics. The 19 designs unite stylish plissés, changeant applications and multi layered moiré effects. The colour palette is natural and earthy, yet light and airy. The collection’s many natural shades, from light and dark hues is balanced by warm red orange tones, cool blue green and elegant variations in violet.

The undisputed piece de resistance is filigree embroidery “Grace”. The underlying base cloth which is essential to the embroidery process is subsequently etched away. All that remains is the embroidery itself – the pure essence. The end result resembles highly prized Venetian or Brussels lace. The fabric with the metallic effect is available in silver, dark brown and a silvery taupe. Another masterpiece is “Aimee”. A colourful sea of blooms: Bold, differently coloured, hand painted blooms in a transfer print adorn the light and delicate fabric. By using two overlapping layers the fascinating, multi layered effect is enhanced still further. Another combination option is “Amethyst”; the delicate, highly sheer Trevira CS which bestows a tantalising hint of colour to interiors. The uni item is available in 17 subtle shades.

In “Ray”, depending on the viewing angle, the colours mysteriously morph from petrol to violet. The changeant effect results from a plethora of rectangles which are applied to the fabric in a graphic arrangement. The dreamy, opulent item is also available in gold with green and pink with white. Shimmering colouring is again the hallmark of the elegant “Jaspis” in Trevira CS voile which now is available in 15 new colours. The two tonality of warp and weft lend the item additional depth. An ideal complement is the “Jaspis Stripe” design, with woven, irregular striping for stylish accents.

Like delicate metal rings, embroidered circles are resting on the highly sheer “Kyra” fabric, which is available in five colours. Warmth and sensuality emanate from “Lana”, a décor fabric for purists, with a jacquard weave that contains a high percentage of wool. Subtle and understated is the moiré effect in “Amber”, a semi sheer voile fabric which derives from the two layered jacquard weave. In “Whisper” fine, interwoven metal threads bestow shimmer and pliability to the fabric – a wisp of a fabric in eleven subtle colours.
The finest silk refracts light and bestows lustre to ”Rashmi”, - an exclusive taffeta weave with a colour palette of 37 enticing colours.

Three further items are based on linen: - “Loris”, a high quality linen fabric for curtains, with a chintz like finish and even knitters. The same technique is the hallmark of “Linn”, a fabric with a graphic floral print. Yet it is plissés which give “Ela” and “Piuma Plissee” that extra special quality. Whilst irregular folds in the elegant curtain linen are generating a three dimensional quality in “Ela”; intriguing colour effects bestow classic elegance in the extravagant silk fabric “Piuma Plissee”.

Essence is retained by the design team as its mantra for upholstery fabrics. “Glen” and “Jack” are two hard wearing fabrics with a natural texture. Whilst two tone yarns are interwoven into a changeant look in “Glen”, elaborately woven checks with intriguing colour morphing lend “Jack” a smart air. The star within upholstery fabrics is “Amos”. It goes right back to the essence of fabrics itself, the yarn. Fine hairs from the pelt of a young angora goat are processed into luxurious mohair velour. The breathable, high quality fabric with its soft feel and elegant sheen is available in nine colours – from deep purple to dark night blue, it is truly an item for life and this not just because its exceptional hard wearing properties.

The “Essenza” collection with its exquisite fabrics devotes itself to the essence of things. It is available from specialist outlet from the autumn.
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