An acoustic concept with atmosphere

An acoustic concept with atmosphere

New office worlds provide for relaxed, inspiring and concentrated working conditions.


L'Osteria, Munich, Germany


Falk von Tettenborn Architects, Munich | Axel Frey Innenarchitektur + Design, Munich | Office Concept, Munich

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Rainer Hofmann, München

Starting Point

The head office of L'Osteria, an international Italian restaurant chain, is located in Munich, Germany. The administration office has large glass windows and is characterised by a mix of open-plan workstations, separate meeting rooms and lounges for employees. Sound-reflecting materials were exclusively used for the premises, which had a very negative effect on the room acoustics.


The transparent ALPHACOUSTIC curtain fabric plays a key role in the design of the room and contributes to the cosy feel-good atmosphere.
Despite the transparency of the fabric, ALPHACOUSTIC has a sound absorption rating of 0.60 aw and is therefore the ideal choice for the administration office of the L'Osteria restaurant chain.