Luxurious curtain fabrics for a charming hotel

Luxurious curtain fabrics for a charming hotel

The interior designers opted for high-quality curtain fabrics within the scope of an extensive refurbishment.


La Couronne Hotel Restaurant, Solothurn, Switzerland


GREGO Jasmin Grego & Stephanie Kühnle Architektur GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland I Vorhangatelier Feller und Partner, Solothurn, Switzerland I Graf Stampfli Jenni Architekten AG, Solothurn, Switzerland

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Starting Point

The 4-star boutique hotel, located in the heart of the old town of Solothurn, underwent an extensive refurbishment. The interior designers used exclusively high-quality materials that reflect the charm of the hotel and promote the well-being of its guests for the refurbishment of the rooms that were designed with real flair.


The flame retardant, transparent JASPIS II curtain fabric offers the guests plenty of privacy and impresses with its discreet and natural look. In contrast, the PHANTOM PLUS blackout fabric serves as an eye-catching feature in all rooms in the hotel and allows the guests to have a long, undisturbed sleep. Despite their different features, both curtain fabrics have the same goal: to improve the well-being of the hotel guests.