An Eye Unruled

An Eye Unruled

Opened in 2016, the swissnex gallery uses exhibitions and events to connect Switzerland and San Francisco. Swissnex reflects and inspires, igniting discussions across cultures and disciplines and opening up collaboration options.


LifeCycle exhibition at swissnex, San Francisco, USA


ECAL/Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland | Adrien Rovero Studio, Renens, Switzerland

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Swissnex San Francisco’s mission is to connect people from Switzerland and San Francisco to share their ideas. A suite of events, workshops, conferences and exhibitions about ideas and topics shaping societies is organised.


The “An Eye Unruled” exhibition was developed in collaboration with the Winterthur photo museum. Staged by Adrien Rovero, it presents the works of five artists.
Création Baumann’s textiles are an integral part of the exhibition's design, contributing to improving the exhibition experience. The curtains create a spatial divide between the five oeuvres, and stools invite visitors to linger a little while.