METAL BASE Collection

Light and temperature control with copper and brass.

With the launch of the Metal Base Collection Création Baumann presents a world’s first: The brass, copper, aluminium and steel metallised fabrics are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also highly functional. The versatile maestros simultaneously screen out glare and intrusive stares whilst providing protection against heat and UV ingress at the window.

Glass is a continuing trend in architecture. Since the beginning of the 21st century large glass, light- flooded buildings, particularly in office construction have become very popular. The advantages of full or partial glass facades are obvious: Large glass expanses let a lot of light and solar energy into the interior. Conversely, energy efficiency and user comfort frequently suffers. As a result of which ergonomic styling of work stations demands an optimal glare and privacy screen along with protection against sun and heat ingress to regulate the temperature of the interior.

Création Baumann, the Swiss Langenthal based textile company offers avant-garde developments to resolve these problems in residential and contract sector furnishing. The existing Silver&Steel Collection was a milestone in interior heat and light control. A thin layer of aluminium or steel on the reverse of the textiles transform them into versatile virtuosos of functional fabrics. Thanks to the design team’s unfailing commitment to research and development aimed at finding the perfect blend to unite functionality and aesthetics, this could be taken a step further. Eliane Ernst, the product manager says “We asked ourselves, why shouldn’t it be possible to metallise the textiles with copper or brass?”

The result is the new innovative Metal Base Collection. Création Baumann is the only supplier in the world who metallises functional textiles with brass and copper, steel and aluminium in width of 300 cm.

The item “Brass Base" incorporates a thin layer of brass on the fabric’s reverse that is applied using in a highly advanced technical process. For “Copper Base” the fabric is metallised with a corresponding thin layer of copper. All items of the Metal Base Collection are offered to the customer in a black and a white foundation quality. Both options create beautiful effects at the window and put the Création Baumann design team in harmony with the current trend in architecture and interior design where metals such as copper, brass and aluminium are used for the styling of contemporary facades. Even the living room is becoming more metallic – the shine of copper or brass creates warm accents in interiors. The soft flowing and refined textiles from the Metal Base Collection now take the trend to the window.

The high reflection of the sun’s rays, which varies depending on metal and angle of light, generate soft and diffused light which is free from glare, whilst simultaneously reducing heat ingress. Metallisation achieves outstanding functional values, which cannot be achieved with conventional textiles. The entire group of the Metal Base Collection has been tested and evaluated comprehensively. All textiles are flame-retardant with a protective layer against water stains, water vapours and corrosion. They are also easy care.

The Metal Base Collection unites advanced technology and elegance most beautifully. It has been presented with the “Interior Innovation Award – Winner 2015” label, the design award given by German Design Council.
In addition, The Metal Base Collection received the 12th AIT Innovation Award Architecture and Textile Contract.


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