Hightech Elegance for interiors of the future

For the millennium, Création Baumann introduced the first CYBER Collection with futuristic looking hightech fabrics for tomorrow. Twelve years later we have the third CYBER edition with ten exciting, different creations. Materials such as metal and Lurex, exceptional foil applications and unconventional processing techniques generate shimmering colour effects, voluminous malleable weaves and relief textures, that lend the fabrics sculptural properties.

“Mirax” enchants with colour transformation. An iridising coating, which is applied to the weave, lets the decor fabric come to life in different colours. Depending on the angle of vision, “Mirax” shimmers from Bordeaux red to olive green or silver white to delicate pink. The voluminous decor fabric “Barid” captivates with a relief like surface texture. The swollen length stripes derive from the use of different yarns with contrasting shrink properties. “Vilar” depicts a honeycomb like relief. The high metal content lends the dense high quality weave volume and elegant lustre. In anthracite the decor fabric, which is also available in three other colours, reminds one very much of the skin of a reptile.

For the Extravaganzas, the design team from Création Baumann has experimented with material, processing and colouring to culminate in three works of art for the window. “Evita” frosted with innumerable honeycomb sequins which make the glamorous curtain fabric sparkle in all its facets. The gleaming honeycombs are applied in a lavish process to strikingly stand out from the matt, understated ground weave. The textile gem is available in four colour settings. The effect of “Ecolor” in a room is that of a sculpture. Its high metal content allows for creasing and reshaping of the dense weave creating ever new arrangements of the felt tip like strié stripes. In contrast “Eterna” is light and fluid. As if suspended in long ribbons, rectangles in light translucent fleece of paper like quality hang on virtually invisible threads. The fragile panel is elaborately hand finished, first embroidered and then cut to size to look as if it were floating in mid air.

With NEW CYBER II Création Baumann is reinterpreting the futuristic hightech look uniting it with elegant high quality textiles. The 2012 Création Baumann Line is available from January 2012 from specialist outlets.

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