A new look for GECKO IN THE BOX

Spring like motifs and new packaging bring a breath of fresh air to the GECKO IN THE BOX collection by Création Baumann. With the re-launched packaging, the Swiss textile manufacturer is making the successful, much loved boxes even more attractive and so accessible to a wider target audience.

Following the re-launch the new boxes have brighter and lighter more user friendly packaging. The slim white boxes with incorporated lids open up a window to the pre-cut GECKO sections. The coloured tag provides examples of applications and product details, whilst a QR-Code directs owners of smart phones to a short film about this unique adhesive textile which can be affixed to and removed from glass areas without residue or loss of adhesive power.

Simultaneously and in keeping with the start of spring, Création Baumann presents two new seasonal motifs on the base of the transparent GECKO Crypta, the bright FARFALLA and the light and summery FLOREA. Whilst sixteen uplifting butterflies in diverse shapes and sizes soar from the window in FARFALLA, in FLOREA abstract, floral motifs float through the air like weightless pollen.

Along with the re-launch, the price concept has been revised. Depending on subject, the content of the new GECKO Boxes varies between 15 and 39 components. GECKO IN THE BOX which now encompasses a total of ten sets of motifs will be available from April 2013 in a kit which incorporates a practical display for the retail trade and which allows replenishment of individual sets to harmonise with the requirements of a season.

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