New dimming fabrics

Controlling light with the new fabrics of the Création Baumann Line 2013

Specialist in multi facetted darkening for ten years

Light and darkness belong together, one cannot exist without other. Their finely hued interaction bestows contours to objects and breaths life into shapes. Transparency in modern architecture lets light flood into interiors, whilst simultaneously giving rise to demands for more shade and effective options for cutting out light. Création Baumann has been established as a specialist in this field for number of years. It offers multifarious solutions for flexible light control. “Dimmer”, the soft and flowing curtain fabric, has revolutionised the world of black out fabrics with its elegant drape quality and texture. To this day it remains the undisputed best seller as it celebrates its tenth anniversary.

In contrast to other black out fabrics “Dimmer“ controls and directs incoming day light to darken interiors appropriately, simply through its dense and velvety smooth surface. This textile innovation is based on a specially developed multifilament yarn, which can be woven in high warp and weft densities; the black out effect is achieved through inclusion of a black yarn on the reverse. Refined and elegant, with easy care properties the dim-out fabric in flame retardant Trevira CS has established itself as one of Création Baumann’s bestsellers. To date thousands of meters of “Dimmer” have been put to good use across the globe; a fact nobody could have dared to dream of prior to its launch. Testimonials for the multiple award winning dim-out fabric come from residential as well as from contract sector furnishing.

To celebrate its 10th birthday, “Dimmer” has donned a comprehensive colour pallet of 66 brilliant colours with a velvety sheen – it encompasses vivid greens, soft pastels as well as trendy petrol blue and mustard yellow. Even the 300 cm extra wide version for large expanses of glass is now available in 17 colour settings. As a creative supplement, the Création Baumann design team has brought out an innovative new design. “Dimmer Sky” gives rise to poetic interludes with incoming light through darkness. The purist pattern of fine, laser cut perforations creates individual dots of light on an otherwise dark backdrop. Depending on depth and fall of the folds they converge to form a star lit sky at night. “Dimmer Ivy” and “Dimmer Loop“ depict photorealistic shadings and graphic circles which are directly engraved onto the fabric using a new type of laser technology.

Moreover, “Dimmer” is not the only curtain fabric that transforms day into night. As market leader in black out and dim-out fabrics, Création Baumann offers a whole series of other textiles for the control in new qualities, widths and diverse designs.

Textiles from Création Baumann compellingly demonstrate that darkness has many different facets. It’s black out and dim-out fabrics captivate with finely honed functionality and the aesthetics of high quality decoration fabrics.

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