From processing the yarn to the completed fabric: at Création Baumann, each production step takes place at a special location—our premises. We operate a winding room, doubling mill, dyeing mill, weaving mill, printing press, and a finishing room—giving us the entire repertoire for a textile production that is as inspired as it is innovative. In compliance with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and a certified management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 SQS, IQNet).

Winding room & doubling mill

Automatic winding machines prepare the yarns for the dyeing and the weaving mill. Our doubling mill produces simple 2-for-1 twisted threads.

Dyeing mill

The powerful and flexible cross-wound spool dyeing mill provides a comprehensive range of yarns for coloured fabrics.

Weaving preparation

The automated warping machine ensures the rapid and flexible production of warp for a wide range of products.

Looming mill

The harness, consisting of healds, drop wires and reed, is drawn in according to the fabric type specification.

Weaving mill

Modern and versatile loom weaving with a maximum weaving width of 330 cm allows the production of opaque and sheer fabrics, specialities such as leno weave und warp prints, as well as customised orders.

Digital printing

Polyester fabrics, including those reinforced for roller blinds, can be transfer printed from opaque to sheer.

Your own fabric in five steps

Finishing room

In our modern piece dyeing mill, fabrics are slasher dyed or hank dyed and refined according to our needs.

Quality assurance

Meter by meter, our fabrics are checked for quality, then carefully rolled up for storage and to limit the risk of material damage during shipping.