Those dedicated to fine art need a reliable partner to stage impressive performances. At Création Baumann, we develop solutions with a rich set of functions and design for demanding cultural applications—from textiles tested for harmful substances for display cabinets and exhibits, atmospheric dim-out fabrics to effective blinds and glare protection as well as precise control of a room's soundproofing characteristics—all the while complying with the highest safety standards. Our fabrics that are specially designed for use in museums and exhibitions have been tested for suitability using stringent conservational criteria.

The Oddy test

This test, which was developed by the former head of restorations at the British Museum to provide evidence of corrosive compounds, is one of the key and best-known museum procedures. How it works: at 60°C and close to 100% humidity, place a sample of the textile to be tested into a glass vial, adding a strip of copper, silver and lead. 28 days later, the surfaces of the metal strips are compared to reference strips kept in the same conditions but without the textile. The fabrics are then classified as "Permanent" (P), "Temporary" (T), or "Unusable" (U).

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The pH value
Dependent on the exhibition piece, textiles must not exceed certain acidity and alkalinity threshold values. At Création Baumann, we use EN ISO 3071:2005 to test the pH values of our fabrics.


When used for display cabinets and exhibits, a textile's colourfast properties to artificial light are of major importance. At Création Baumann, we use DIN EN ISO 105-B02, 2000 to test the colour value of all our fabrics.

Selected references


OBJECT: "Beautiful Curtain #1, FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais, Dunkerque, France
CONCEPT: Lang/Baumann, Künstler, Burgdorf / Steffen Raumkonzepte AG, Herzogenbuchsee
PRODUCT: Special print on Phantom Plus
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OBJECT: Music Theatre, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
CONCEPT: BOCK.NEUHAUS-PARTNER, Architekten-Ingenieure-Consultants, Coesfeld, Germany
PRODUCT: Rollectro II special colour to RAL, Umbria special colour to RAL
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interaCtive EXCHANGE

OBJECT: New Museum’s Media Hub, New York, USA
CONCEPT: Christoff Finio Architecture, New York / Erik Bruce for Mary Bright INC., New York
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