Knock out the dullness from office life: our wide range of functional fabrics and smart control systems will transform your office into an inspirational work environment—for your clients, partners and, in particular, your employees, so they feel good in your rooms and can better concentrate on their core tasks. Our versatile solutions meet the highest demands. For work stations with an optimum in ergonomics—from blinds and glare protection to regulating the indoor climate and customising rooms using separating walls and curtains.

Glare and heat protection

Direct sunlight may considerably impact the indoor climate and comfort of buildings with generous amounts of glass in their architecture. Fabrics of the METALBASE and GLARE & HEAT collections provide an optimum level of protection from excessive light and heat. Their secret: a wafer-thin coating on the back.

To make it easier for experts to calculate light and energy use, Création Baumann has exactly identified reflection and transmittance values as well as the textiles' energy reduction ratio using a standardised procedure.

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Overview of transmittance values

Acoustic room design

The world's largest selection of acoustic fabrics opens the door to interior office design options that are as versatile as they are unique. Use Création Baumann to perfectly tune effective soundproofing and visual attraction—with fabrics that stand the test of ISO/EN standards and shine with excellent quality in any sound range.

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E-paper: Gazette on the theme of "Acoustics"
Basics of Acoustics

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