Give free rein to your creativity: the fresh designs of GECKO IN THE BOX allow you to decorate interior glass surfaces and to experiment at will. Depending on the subject matter, the sets consist of 15 to 39 pieces, which you can combine as you like to unfold numerous variation options. Use seasonal subjects such as flapping butterflies, delicate petals, or autumnal leaves for an inspiring impetus.

Spring edition: EASTER and PAPAGENO

GECKO IN THE BOX as Easter decoration with two spring-like motifs.
Colourful Easter eggs, chickens and cute chicks conjure up Easter at the window, while birds chirp from the trees, fly over the window and bring spring into the living room.

Gaily coloured eggs in different sizes, complement two bright, amusing hens with their entourage of chicks.

Birds flit free and easy from bough to bough across the window expanse, enhancing our daily lives. The naturalistic depicted birds are stylish and subtle and invoke imperceptibly faint sounds of twitter and bird song.

Selected references

House of colour

OBJEKT: Private home, Bad-Homburg, Germany
KONZEPT: Dipl.-Ing. Lore Wolfertz Architectural Practice, Bad-Homburg / Interior Coach, Brigitte Peter, Frankfurt
PRODUKTE: Jaspis, Cavallo Plus, Linn, Bonadea, GECKO Laser Quadro, GECKO IN THE BOX Cubico
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