Reassuringly innovative

Acoustic Divider Vario in even more variants.

Création Baumann has set a new standard in acoustic room partitioning with the Acoustic Divider Vario. The innovative solution enables effective noise reduction, even with the greatest freedom of choice in the design of areas of calm. Time to open a new chapter in the success story – thanks to even greater individuality in textiles, assembly and planning.

Enhanced choice of fabrics
Even more textiles are now available for the Acoustic Divider Vario: Choose from over 90 acoustic fabrics.

More individual assembly
Acoustic Divider Vario can now also be used in a flat design without pleats (additional 15%). The textiles can be assembled upright on the floor or hanging.

Measurable values
Création Baumann has developed a simulation software in cooperation with the University of Lucerne (Engineering and Architecture) that calculates the noise reduction for any textile combinations.

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