Improved acoustics thanks to textile interior design


Restaurant Du Lac, Biel, Switzerland


raum+entfaltung, Beatrice Schmidt, Gümligen, Berne


Data sheet

Starting point

The winter garden of the seafood restaurant Du Lac in Biel is in high demand because the view of the lake is a delight at any time of the year. The hard materials of the glass roof, the window fronts, the balustrade, and the flooring, however, generate considerable noise in the busy room. The entrance to the narrow winter garden is tight and there was not a suitable cloakroom. The challenge was not to change the designed space using the existing interior, but rather to technically and creatively integrate a suitable version of the acoustic insulation with the lowest possible effort.


The waves from the lake are absorbed in wavelike fabric panels hung from the ceiling. Three mobile dressing rooms can be flexibly adjusted to accommodate different numbers of guests and are equipped with soundproof fabric. Stitched curtains, partially sun-reflecting, hang in folds on the side windows. Specially manufactured panels painted in the same colour are hung with special fittings throughout the space in front of the balustrades for sound absorption.