Rose window after rose window line up to great effect at the window

The unusual curtain fabric from Création Baumann‘s “Nature & Poems” Collection combines linen with beautifully soft wool yarns into a three-dimensional look.
Window rose upon window rose aligns on the softly draping fabric with occasional graphic links to generate a cohesive pattern. “We took inspiration from traditional rosettes as well as graphic grid patterns”, says Sibylle Aeberhard, the designer.

In addition to the black/white option, the fabric is also available in extravagant colour settings such as rust red on the palest of blue, a vibrant yellow green on a silver-grey, a delicate pink and muted greys. It is versatile and depending on colour setting it fits into entirely different settings – from lofty city pads to modern glass constructions.

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Extravagant eye catcher which elegantly sets the scene with its materials and its design. Bold window roses align to form a decorative grid pattern.
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