Création Baumann enhances the “Systems” sector with numerous new products

Morphing colours, graphic rhomboids patterns and intriguing Trompe-l’Oeil effects: The new products from “Systems” by Création Baumann captivate with diversity and exceptional aesthetics. The fabrics of the enhanced, comprehensive programme which encompasses roller blinds, fabric panels and vertical blinds generate a welcoming ambiance whilst effectively controlling sunlight and heat. The new items include products with innovative technical solutions: amongst them is a battery operated roller blind which was developed in Langenthal.

It is not long since Création Baumann invested in the latest generation of laser plant. “One more step in making the most of this technology; we have been working and collecting empirical knowledge in laser technology for about nine years now” says René Hofmann, the product manager. The results speak for themselves. Thus the existing range of vertical blinds was supplemented with a few special items which are based on laser cutting. Four graphic designs very effectively direct the light in residential and contract sector interiors: Whilst light penetrates through cut out crescents in “Laser Orfeo”, in “Laser Norma” it falls through broken lines that are reminiscent of pattern charts. “Laser Carmen” evokes images of bamboo canes and “Laser Aida” generates a rhomboid pattern. All blinds are cut to order in accordance with customers’ requests. New to the range is a vertical blind with even stripes, in young, fresh colours. The item “Algebra” is over printed with a large number of numerals so that from afar it assumes the appearance of a sea of patterns. Dots adorn “Pleya”, “Xera” and “Tarus”: The white foil application on a white base looks elegant and purist. Subtle morphing of colours generates a striking effect at the window with “Eos”.

The design team from Création Bauman also make use of laser technology for new roller blinds. “Laser Icon” presents an open invitation to explore further – figures and objects are spread across the fabric like pictograms. “Laser Balance” depicts a wave-like pattern in the middle; whilst lines in “Laser Stitch” are reminiscent of a pattern chart and “Laser Modus” features a rhomboid patterns which intensifies towards the bottom. Just as eye catching are the new print designs. “Perga” introduces images of crumpled paper, and “Alu” crumpled aluminium foil – ingenious Tromple-l’Oeil effects at the window. The inspiration for “Trace” comes from the North. The digital print depicts a zigzag pattern in four fresh colours. “Index” is a graphic item, with broken lines which run horizontally across the fabric. Whereas in “Media” scattered words across the entire roller blind transport the onlooker into a land of dreams. Items from the silver collection complement the roller blind programme. “Shadow” as well as the dense aluminium vapour coated “Protect” are available in classic colours, whilst “Shade” is now also available in fresh colours. But it is not just textiles that are new, there are also some innovations to the hardware for interior shading; Création Baumann succeeded in developing, a battery operated roller blind which allows easy and comfortable operation of roller blinds, even in difficult to access areas. In addition the range now encompasses an additional drive option with integral radio receivers as well as the hardware for fixing the blind into a rail, within which it can be repositioned. The technique ensures greater flexibility and brings shading to exactly where it is needed.

A series of decorative fabric panels supplements the new “Systems” collection. Laser technology stages yet another virtuoso performance. Whilst a line pattern graces “Laser Stitch”, “Laser Varia” features organic shapes that are reminiscent of a flock of birds and “Laser Meda” with a sea of blooms which opens up the lower section. The ever popular burn out technique was used for “Data” and “Penta”, one features a row of numbers which makes up a decorative pattern, whilst pentagons align in the other.

With the new trade specialist collection for vertical blinds the “Systems” collection is complete. The new collection will be available from specialist outlets from autumn 2009 onwards
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