The 2011 Systems Collection from Création Baumann

New diversity

The 2011 Systems Collection is more than a mere expansion of the existing range. Alongside new designs for vertical blinds and roller blinds there are new mounting technologies for panel curtains and extra wide roller blinds. But that is not all. For the first time Création Baumann are again offering Roman blinds, which, thanks to ingenious clip technology, can be mounted directly to window frames and are therefore extremely easy care. “Megatric“ an extra wide roller blind in a width of up to 3 m, is introduced for applications in large window frontages; remote control is an option.
The extensive collection demonstrates how Création Baumann is steadfastly advancing and developing the sector of textile systems to offer innovative and diverse solutions for interior shading.

Re-launching to the range: Roman blinds
Création Baumann has long been offering textiles which are suitable for Roman blinds. Now the enterprise has devised its own technical solution so that, in future, the fabrics, technology and manufacture are all supplied from one source. The filigree technology facilitates direct application to the window frame. Thanks to a Velcro fastening, fabrics can be removed from the system, washed and re-hung again with the greatest of ease. The “Piccolo” option (max. 150 x 150 cm) is attached to a pull cord, whereas “Mezzo” (max. 300 x 300 cm) is offered with a chain hoist in two options: a pleat depth of 7.5 cm with a vertically running band that is sewn to the back and a pleat depth of 10 - 15 cm, with cross running rods. The chain is available in transparent synthetic material and now also in metal and the track in white or in anodised aluminium. A motorised version with an integrated 24 volt motor and remote control is at hand with “Mezzo Power”.
From April 2011 the Roman blinds are available from specialist outlets – as is a special binder for architects and trade that provides detailed information on the applied engineering and mechanics and the 100 or so fabrics from the Création Baumann Collection which are especially suited to the manufacture of roller blinds.

New: roller blinds for large window expanses

The 2011 roller blind collection is expanded by two extra large versions. “Megatric” and “Megatric Power” which facilitate roller blinds in widths of up to 3 m and heights of up to 4 m. They can be mounted to a wall or a ceiling. Fine adjustments allow for deviations of up to 1 cm. The new roller blinds are offered in white or in anodised aluminium. In addition end caps are now also available in an anodised edition.
Création Baumann is offering new fabric designs in a width of 3 m for the extra wide roller blinds. “Tape” a jacquard weave in Trevira CS is offered in four colourits, it depicts a graphic design that flits with different levels of sheerness. “Level” is in the same weave, with an enchanting wave design. “Lane” is a stripe design which is available in three different options: S, M and L according to the width of the stripes. They are available in five colour settings. “Shade”, the well established quality, is now also available in a width of 3 m.

Worldwide exclusive: “Shadow” in an extra wide, temperature regulating roller blind.

“Shadow” the roller blind and curtain fabric provides not just optimal privacy and glare protection, but, thanks to the aluminium vapour coating on the reverse, also efficient thermal protection to regulate the temperature in interiors. In a highly evolved process an ultra thin aluminium coating is deposited on the back of the fabric to reflect sun rays and reduce incoming light and thermal radiation. The attained recorded values of the functions cannot be achieved with conventional textiles. Worldwide Création Baumann is the only textile manufacturer that offers the coated fabric in a width of 3 m, making “Shadow” suitable for the new extra large roller blinds of “Megatric” and “Megatric Power”. The extra wide edition of “Shadow”, initially in light grey, will be offered from summer 2011 onwards. Essential data for architects and planners (reflection and transmission values as well as energy reduction rates) will also be available from summer 2011 as an additional service. For roller blinds in widths of up to 200 cm, “Shadow” is already available in a variety of colour settings and with the corresponding recorded data.

Enhanced range of vertical blind options

Photo realistic prints, laser cut motifs or functional black out fabrics: The six new designs for vertical blinds are based on diverse textile techniques. ”Green” with its photo realistic helms of grass forms a meadow as a whole. “Punto” and “Lace”, the two designs which are based on laser technology featuring laser cut dots or stripes to decrease the blinds density towards the top, letting light shine through and opening up vistas to the outside, whilst lower sections of the blind remain opaque to provide privacy. They are manufactured in the well established “Irolo” quality and can be ordered in all available “Irolo” colourits. The new products are also supplemented with “Opinus”, a vertical blackout option, which is offered in nine colour settings that are 100% impermeable to light, even in the colour white, thanks to a special coating. The range is rounded off with “Freeway” and “Highway”, two classic stripe patterns in four colour settings. All new vertical blinds are in Trevira CS and are therefore flame retardant.

The new Systems Collection is available from April 2011.

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