Sound colour

Sound colour

Varying atmospheres in the music studios at Silver Mountain thanks to colour design.


Silver mountain & Red cliff, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan


Design: k/o design studio / Kunihide Oshinomi + KAJIMA DESIGN, Japan Acoustic study: Kajima Technical Research Institute, Japan


Data sheet


Nacasa & Partners / Atsushi Nakamichi, Tokyo, Japan

Starting point

The new “Silver Mountain” and “Red Cliff” buildings are a combination of contrasts, both visually and in terms of their intended use.
Silver mountain dedicated for 3 storied rehearsal studios mainly used for music practice of students but temporarily for chamber music concert of professional musicians.
Form, space, material and colour are the most vital elements at Senzoku Gauken.


Reverberation time is kept to be slightly short and extremely flat to meet with conductor’s need to identify clearly every sound performed. But in case of small concert acoustic curtain can be opened to attain more live environment.The Henry Fabric was used to absorb upper middle range of sound as an acoustic curtain accompanied with the back thick air space. Echo time pattern in each point of the hall shows to be normal without any long-pass echo and flatter echo due to careful layout of waved concrete wall and sound absorption treatment.  
Each of the three music studios is kept in a different colour, thus producing a completely individual atmosphere.
The Henry fabric was used in special production for unique colour and perfect acoustics.